1000 Burpees to Celebrate 1000 Days

Australian Oztag Director of Coaching and Development, Michael Buettner is less than a month away from his 1000th consecutive day of an exercise many people despise – the famous burpees.  

On February 18, 2018 Buettner started a challenge of 100 burpees a day for as many days possible. Many may remember his involvement in Australian Oztag’s killer isolation workouts where he invited our Facebook followers to pump out 100 burpees with him, every day.

I sat down with Mick Buettner to chat about his journey in completing this challenge and how the Oztag community can show their support.

1. What made you start this challenge of 100 burpees a day?

I was working with the NRL and a colleague of mine, Michael Hodgson – former Bulldogs, Eels, Raiders and Titans player – who said he had just started doing 100 burpees a day so I thought I would give it a go. My father passed away less than 100 days into the challenge and I continued doing the burpees throughout that period (it actually enabled me to switch off from what was one of the hardest couple of weeks of my life). From then on, I decided that there would need to be a damn good excuse for me not to continue doing them – I’m yet to find one.

2. What impact has this challenge had on you, personally?

It has improved me physically, in terms of my cardio fitness and definitely helps me mentally – I have always enjoyed training and this has now given me comfort knowing that I have done at least 10 minutes of training per day, even on my days off. 

3. What is the weirdest place or time you’ve had to pump out your burpees?

I’ve done my burpees as late 10.40pm and will do them anywhere, anytime – I prefer getting them done in the morning but sometimes this is not possible. I have also managed to them after a couple of beers (not ideal but had to get them done).

4. You’re now approaching your 1000th consecutive day – how does that feel?

It’s a significant milestone and something I’m proud of – sure it may seem a little bit ridiculous to some people but I am pretty head strong and when I set myself on doing something there’s every chance I will get it done.

5. You never missed one day of this challenge; how did you keep so head strong? 

 As I mentioned earlier, if I was able to continue to do the burpees throughout the period of my Dad’s passing and the funeral period etc. then any other excuse really doesn’t stack up for me – in fact I went through a period where I had a grade 2 medial ligament tear and went to a physio insisting he either strap my leg or provide me with a brace so I was able to keep doing my burpees.  He provided me with the brace and for a couple of weeks I was doing the burpees basically on one leg – but still managed to get them done    

6. You’re involved with Pass it on Clothing & Co, tell me a little bit about that initiative.

We are a social enterprise that provide clothing to the homeless and disadvantaged at 3 outreach services per week – Martin Place, Sydney CBD; Parramatta Park, Parramatta; and Kibble Park, Gosford. It started 4 years ago and in that time we have passed on almost 120,000 articles of clothing – it involves myself, my mate Chris Vagg and his partner Olga.

7. How can people support this initiative through your burpee challenge?

They can follow my journey on either my Facebook account or the Pass it On Clothing Facebook page – I have built up to day 1000 by adding an extra 100 burpees every 10 days (200 burpees on Day 920, 300 on Day 930, 400 on Day 940 etc.)

 I have just finished day 980 and 990 is on Monday 2nd November (the day following the Senior State Cup in Coffs – so that might be a little tough). It should take me about 1 hour and 40 minutes to complete the 1000 burpees on November 12.

8. Have you got any advice for people who are thinking about taking on a challenge?

Be committed, persevere and don’t look for excuses not to do it – find reasons to do it. After all it only takes me 10 minutes a day to do the 100 burpees – if I can’t find 10 minutes a day to commit to doing something for me then I’m not trying hard enough.

As Buettner approaches Day 1000, the Oztag community can show their support by donating to Pass it on Clothing & Co for every burpee he completes.

1c / burpee = $10

2c / burpee = $20

5c / burpee = $50

10c / burpee = $100

In the comments section, please add ‘Burpee challenge’ with some words of encouragement.

“Together we’ll be the difference for the most vulnerable in the community, those without a home…”

– Michael Buettner
DAY 980 – 800 Burpees