A Dead Heat: NSW Junior City v Country Wrap

The 2020 NSW Junior City v Country ended in a seven-title draw after a neck and neck event, both City and Country teams to be congratulated on their efforts.

Held on Sunday November 15, this year’s City v Country was the first Junior tournament of its kind amidst strict regulations. Originally set to be held in June, players were undeterred by the tournament being postponed twice – simply eager to get on the field.

Despite little opportunity to train, players from across the state came together to play some quality Oztag, with a great level of speed, versatility and skill on show.

Southern Country Pride were the most successful of the tournament after claiming five Grand Final wins. They dominated both the Boys and Girls 15s division, whilst also taking out the Girls 12s, 14s and 16s.

Also contributing to Country’s seven titles was the Northern Country Knights, who were named champions in the Boys 16s and Girls 17s divisions.

City’s success was off the back of the Southern City Seahawks dominating both the Boys and Girls 11s division, while also claiming victory in the Boys 14s and 17s.  

Extra mention is to be given to the Western City Scorpions after qualifying for 12 of the 14 Grand Finals on Sunday. Of those, they took home gold in the Boys 12s, Boys 13s and Girls 13s divisions.  

2020 NSW Junior City v Country Grand Final Results:

Boys 11s: Seahawks 7 – 2 Knights

Girls 11s: Seahawks 2 – 1 Scorpions

Boys 12s: Scorpions 6 – 5 Knights

Girls 12s: Pride 2 – 1 Scorpions

Boys 13s: Scorpions 5 – 4 Seahawks

Girls 13s: Scorpions 3 – 0 Pride

Boys 14s: Seahawks 5 – 4 Scorpions

Girls 14s: Pride 5 – 2 Scorpions  

Boys 15s: Pride 3 – 1 Scorpions

Girls 15s: Pride 5 – 0 Scorpions

Boys 16s: Knights 4 – 3 Scorpions

Girls 16s: Pride 7 – 1 Scorpions

Boys 17s: Seahawks 4 – 3 Scorpions

Girls 17s: Knights 4 – 0 Seahawks

For all tournament fixtures and results, please visit the Sportfix app or click here.

Once again, selectors were actively present at the City v Country tournament, with eyes peeled for Oztag’s rising stars. Impressed with the standard of talent, selections have been made from the 14 and 15-year-old age groups for the inaugural 2020 High Performance Academy (HPA).

Player selection is set to be announced tomorrow, November 19, 2020.

Credit is to be given to the Tournament officials for persevering to get the annual City v Country up and running, whilst coaches, managers and players are to be commended for their compliance with the regulations in place.