Statement: NSW Oztag Potential Return to Sport

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Media Release, NSW Oztag

AO General Manager, Bill Harrigan has released a statement in response to the NSW Government’s recent announcement regarding the ease of restrictions, subject to vaccination rates.

“Today, the NSW Government hinted there will be a further ease of restrictions when NSW hits 70% vaccinations in mid-October.  They also said they expect to open up international travel in mid-November if we hit 80% vaccinations.

Therefore, there can be an expectation that community sport may be allowed to resume.  It will probably come with restrictions like we saw last year when we returned to sport after the first lockdown. E.g. limited numbers within areas, no spectators etc. We should also consider that the Government may restrict sport to only fully vaccinated people.

So, Australian Oztag encourages its players to get vaccinated in readiness for a potential return to sport this year.  We also acknowledge people have a choice but if the Government restrict participation to only fully vaccinated, we must comply.”

Bill Harrigan
AO General Manager