Associations around the State continue to adhere to Covid-safe protocol

Australian Oztag have been keeping up with their adherence to Covid-safe measures with recent visits made to Nepean, Penrith, Sydney City and Tamworth Oztag associations.

Following inspection, feedback has been nothing short of positive as competitions continue to prioritise the health and safety of the community by enforcing protocol that allows our game to be enjoyed in the safest way possible.

On Tuesday August 4, Australian Oztag (AO) staff visited Penrith Oztag whose enforcement of Covid policies is providing the safest possible environment for all attending.

AO General Manager, Bill Harrigan said messages are clearly communicated via the Penrith Oztag app, social channels and website, with a commendable display of safety protocol at the ground.

“The sign on system is fantastic. There are sign on points located between fields, each with a designated staff member that signed the team on via the FIXI app,” Bill said.

The games are scheduled on the hour, allowing 15 minutes between games for players to leave and arrive.

“There were regular announcements, aswell as a Covid officer who continually walked around in a high vis vest to ensure there were no spectators and that all rules were being followed,” Bill said.

AO General Manager, Bill with Penrith Oztag Licensee, Jamie Howard

That same afternoon, AO visited Nepean Junior Oztag who held a ‘Come and try beginner afternoon’. NSW General Manager, Luke Manahan said their protocol was great.

“Players had to be registered online prior to attending and parents were asked to watch from the car. There was also a sanitizer station set up,” Luke said.

On Wednesday August 5, Australian Oztag staff member, Phil Browne paid a visit to Tamworth Oztag, reporting that they complied extremely well with the AO Covid Safety Policy.

“They had a number of off field staff who were COVID Safety Officers, wearing yellow vests,” Phil said.

The venue had a Covid Board on entry, including every poster from the AO Covid Resource page, aswell as frequent loud speaker announcements reminding players that there are strictly no spectators allowed.

Having also refereed at the venue, Phil said that upon arrival each ref received a bucket containing all necessary equipment.

“Referees were told to spray all players hands with sanitizer before the game and at half time. And players were told to not shake hands,”

“Referees also had to spray the ball and wipe it down with a towel,” Phil said.

AO staff member, Phil Browne at Tamworth Oztag

On Wednesday August 12, NSW General Manager, Luke Manahan visited Sydney City Oztag who have followed suit with Penrith and Tamworth Oztag.

Run by Siv at Wentworth Park every night but Friday, Luke said their Covid-safe play was good.

“They had gaps between games, allowing players to arrive and leave. And had Covid officers walking around checking teams and making sure there were no spectators,” Luke said.

Sydney City Oztag Co-ordinator, Sivasaran Sooriakumar