Day 1 Wrap: 2019 Junior Australian Championships

Coffs Harbour turned it on for us on day one of the 2019 Junior Australian Championships. A glorious sunny day and near perfect conditions for Oztag.

Is there something in the water in Western Sydney that makes the West Sydney Tigercubs such talented Oztag players…

After day one, the West Sydney Tigercubs are the most dominate region with ten teams undefeated (Boys 9s, Boys 10s, Boys 11s, Boys 12s, Boys 13s, Girls 10s, Girls 11s, Girls 12s, Girls 14s & Girls 15s).

Last year, the West Sydney Tigercubs won the overall Junior National Championships with ten titles out of a possible 18 and are in the hot seat to do it again in 2019.

However, the Central Coast are hot on their heals with six undefeated teams (Boys 12s, Boys 15s, Girls 11s, Girls 14s, Girls 15s & Girls 16s), with the East Coast Orcas not far behind.

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