Parramatta Oztag recognised for their enforcement of Covid-safe play

Parramatta Oztag Licensee, Marty Hammoud and competition manager, Lana have been commended for their implementation of Covid protocol.

On Monday September 7, Australian Oztag General Manager, Bill Harrigan visited Parramatta Oztag at Granville Park.

He reported that their Safety Plans were great, and that the players strictly abided by the regulations in place.

“Parramatta Oztag’s Covid-Safe Play was exceptional,” Bill said.

“Posters were clearly presented at the venue, with hand sanitizer available,”

“Marty walked around in a high-vis vest, monitoring games and ensuring there were no spectators,” he said.

“Lana’s organisation and enforcement of protocol allowed the game to be enjoyed in the safest way possible,” Bill said.

Players are to also be commended for their adherence to the plans in place.

Australian Oztag will be continuing their association visits in the coming weeks.

Parramatta Oztag Licensee, Marty (left), picture with AO GM, Bill Harrigan and competition manager, Lana