Shoosh for Kids at the 2021 Junior State Cup

As the 2021 NSW Junior State Championships approach, Australian Oztag wish to remind the community of the ‘Shoosh for Kids’ Summer campaign.

The partnership between NSW Oztag and the Office of Sport strives to promote positive sideline behaviour to associations and spectators to foster a fun and safe sporting experience for kids. 

Australian Oztag (AO) and NSW Oztag take a strong stance on poor spectator behaviour, at both grassroot and representative levels.

NSW Oztag Development Officer, Luke Manahan reminds spectators of AO’s expectations for the upcoming Junior State Cup in Coffs Harbour.

“Parents and caregivers must remember that this weekend is about the kids. We work to make this an enjoyable experience for them,” he said.

“We ask that all coaches and spectators respect the decisions of referees and encourage the kids to play the game in good spirit,” Mr Manahan said.

The NSW Office of Sport “Shoosh for Kids” campaign works to address issues which arise from poor behaviour including abuse to officials, reduced volunteer numbers, and reduced participation rates (due to poor experiences, non-enjoyment, too competitive).

The program closely aligns with NSW Oztag’s Conditions of Entry which details the repercussions for unacceptable behaviour at tournaments towards kids, officials and other spectators.

For example, AO’s Zero Tolerance Policy allows referees to issue a warning, followed by a 10-metre penalty if coaches or spectators display poor behaviour at any time during a match.

The NSW Junior State Cup remains a prestigious event that holds much excitement for young kids, hence AO encourage spectators to foster a fun sporting experience for all in attendance by keeping comments positive. 

With the campaign message relevant at all sporting levels, local clubs and associations can download Shoosh for Kids Resources at their own convenience to promote positive behaviour at junior sport, all year round.

For AO’s Code of Conducts and recommended guidelines, visit the Policies and Documents page on our website. 

Visit the Office of Sport website to find out more.

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