The enforcement of Covid-Safe Play persists at associations, leaving Australian Oztag impressed

Australian Oztag’s routine visits to local associations continue to prove the professionalism and diligence of our clubs, with commendable Covid play reported at Norwest, South West and Wollongong Oztag associations.

On Tuesday August 18, Australian Oztag (AO) staff visited Norwest Oztag, run by Rob Hutton and Tammy at Woodcroft Oval.

NSW General Manager, Luke Manahan said their compliance with the Covid Safety Plan was great.

“Refs were given a clipboard to sign on each team before kickoff, with games shortened to 15-minute halves, straight turnaround to avoid players standing in groups,” Luke said.

A break between games allowed players to filter in and out of the grounds safely, while Tammy patrolled games with a vest on to ensure there were no spectators.

The admin area had sufficient Covid signage and a Perspex screen separating the managers from anyone who came up.

Woodcroft Oval competition managers, Rob and Tammy.

The following night, AO staff made their way to Southwest Oztag at Elizabeth Reserve, Narellan Vale. Licensees, Paul and Caroline, aswell as competition managers, Ross and Michelle have been commended for having the best Covid plan to date.

Luke said they had all gates closed and only one entry point where all players had to be marked off upon arrival and had to sanitise before entering.

“There were strictly no spectators. Michelle stood at the entry gate allowing only players into the venue,” Luke said.

Once games kicked off, all gates were shut. Ross & Michelle walked around the fields in bright vests and signed on players, while ensuring hand sanitizer was used efficiently.

“All referees had their own hand sanitizer which they use on their hands and the ball. And players even received their own sanitizer,” Luke said.

Upon the conclusion of games, players filtered out through the exit gate at the other end of the fields – allowing for a safe transition of timeslots.

Southwest Oztag Entry point at Elizabeth Reserve

Southwest competition manager, Ross (left) pictured with AO staff, Jordan and Luke.

Along with these two inspections, AO visited Wollongong Oztag on Wednesday September 2. NSW Oztag Development Officer, Jordan Hollis said they implemented a strong Covid safety plan.

“They ran a very tight ship, with sanitizer and wipes on standby,” Jordan said.