Western City Scorpions and Southern Country Pride dominate NSW Junior City v Country

Western City Scorpions and Southern Country Pride have both has busy afternoons at the NSW Junior City v Country tournament on the Central Coast, winning 12 of the 14 divisions. 

Western City Scorpions will head back to Sydney with seven titles, including six of the seven boys divisions. Scorpions were victorious in the Boys 11s, Girls 12s, Boys 12s, Boys 13s, Boys 14s, Boys 15s and Boys 16s. 

Southern Country Pride finished the weekend with five titles including four of seven girls divisions. Pride won the Girls 11s, Girls 13s, Girls 14s, Girls 15s and Boys 17s finals. 

Southern City Seahawks took out the Girls 16s and Girls 17s divisions. 

The Scorpion’s strong performance helped City edge out Country 17-12 in the overall NSW City v Country Series. City started the day leading 8-7 after the seniors tournament on Saturday. 

NSW Junior City v Country Grand Final Results:

Girls 11s: Southern Country Pride 2-1 Western City Scorpions

Boys 11s: Western City Scorpions 5-3 Northern Country Knights

Girls 12s: Western City Scorpions 5-2 Southern City Seahawks

Boys 12s: Western City Scorpions 4-2 Southern Country Pride

Girls 13s: Southern Country Pride 4-0 Southern City Seahawks

Boys 13s: Western City Scorpions 4-3 Southern City Seahawks

Girls 14s: Southern Country Pride 2–1 Northern Country Knights

Boys 14s: Western City Scorpions 8-2 Northern Country Knights

Girls 15s: Southern Country Pride 6-0 Western City Scorpions

Boys 15s: Western City Scorpions 7-4 Southern City Seahawks

Girls 16s: Southern City Seahawks 3-2 Northern Country Knights

Boys 16s: Western City Scorpions 4-2 Southern City Seahawks

Girls 17s: Southern City Seahawks 4-0 Northern Country Knights

Boys 17s: Southern Country Pride 4-3 Western City Scorpions   

2019 NSW City v Country Series:

City – 17

Country 12