Course Outline



The Australian Oztag Sports Association (AOSA) has recognised the critical role Coaches play in fostering the development of our athletes both on and off the field and as such the Oztag Level One Coaching Course has been developed to provide Coaches who are passionate about the Game, have a desire to develop the skills of our young players and to provide a fun, safe environment where they are continually learning new skills and leave the session wanting more.

Becoming an accredited coach is an important step in ensuring that you are providing a quality service to all players.

By undertaking this course, you will be trained in applying the basic coaching principles for Oztag, obtain access to basic skills, drills and games that are best suited to Oztag and gain an understanding of the Basic Laws of the Game.

The course is delivered online with a 90% pass mark of the multiple-choice questionnaire required for Accreditation to be provided.

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Course Content

  • Introduction
    • What is Oztag? 
    • History of Oztag
  • Your Role as a COACH
    • Introduction
    • Assessing the Ability of your Players
    • Consistency
    • Child Safety
    • How important is your attitude and behavior towards Match Officials as a Coach
  • Oztag Rules at a Glance
    • Rules – The Basics
    • Rules – Kicking
    • Rule Changes
  • Breaking Down the Game of Oztag
    • Player Positions
    • Attack
    • Defence
  • Preparation for your training Sessions
    • Preparation
    • Team Ethos
  • Coaches Attitude
    • Junior coaches attitude – the biggest problem in Rugby League
  • Exam
    • Level One Coaching Exam
  • Skills and Drills
    • Quick Release Catch/Pass
    • Square Passing Drill
    • Game Based Drill: Ten passes
    • Passing and Catching on the Run
    • Square Passing Drill
    • Playing Unders or Overs on a Defender
    • Kicking
    • Kick Off Formation
    • Game: Fumbles
    • Defence
    • Spacing/Communication
    • Evasion and Footwork
    • Agility Drills
  • Games
    • Pass Tennis
    • Rob The Nest
    • Kick Baseball