Your Registration fee covers your Injury Insurance premium.

Australian Oztag Insurance is limited (see summary below) and Australian Oztag recommends that all players have their own private health insurance.

The details and documents below, are for injuries sustained after the 22nd of December, 2022.  For injuries sustained prior to 22nd December 2022 please click here.

Effective 22nd December 2023 – 22nd December 2024

  • Upon registering into a team for a competition, you must read and agree to the ‘Conditions of Play’ provided signing, to ensure you fully understand them.
  • The injured player must report any injury sustained whilst playing the game of Oztag to the Competition Convener game officials immediately.
  • If the injured player cannot, a representative from the team must do so.
  • If this is not done on the night/day of the injury, you will not be covered by Insurance.

Procedures for Reporting a Claim

  1. The injured player must report any injury sustained whilst playing the game of Oztag to game officials on the night the injury occurred.
  2. Player to contact ATC Insurance Group Claims Department on 1800 994 694 or email, to place a claim of Injury. They will explain anything you need to know and a Claim form will then be forwarded to you.
    Alternatively, the documents can be downloaded from the Oztag website under the Insurance page.
  3. Player will not be able to make a claim unless registered and paid up. All claim forms are to be signed by an Official of your Association to confirm this prior to acceptance.
  4. Private Health Insurance MUST be claimed on first before submitting a claim to Sportscover Australia.
  5. Medicare Costs for the Gap cannot be claimed for. Unfortunately, the Health Act does not allow for any general Insurer to provide any cover in regard to medical expenses for which any Medicare benefit is payable. This includes what is known as the Medicare gap.

Summary of insurance cover:

  • Policy Limit for Medical is $2,500 per injury per annum.
  • Non – Medicare medical benefits Covers 75% of the invoice.
  • Any expenses must be incurred within 12 months of the insured person sustaining the injury.