Maximum of 8 players on the field at any one time, for Mixed Divisions, of the 8 players on the field males must not exceed the playing limit of 4 at any one time, however there is no maximum limit of females.
Defender must remove one tag to stop attackers progress. He/She then holds up the tag and drops it to the ground marking where the play the ball should occur.
There is a marker in the play the ball.
If a player propels the ball in a forward direction with their hand or arm and the ball comes into contact with the ground, an opponent or the referee, a knock on will be awarded. A changeover will be awarded to the non-offending team. The referee may allow the non-offending team to take possession and gain an advantage. If they are tagged, it will be a zero tag.
The game is non-tackle – the attacker cannot deliberately bump into a defender. A defender cannot change direction and move into attackers path. Whoever initiates contact will be penalised. The onus is on the attacking player to avoid defender.
The ball carrier is not allowed to protect his tag or fend off defenders.
A try is awarded to the attacking team when they ground the ball on or over the try line. There are no dead ball lines.
Defence must be back 7 metres.


The ball may not be kicked until after the fourth tag and before the initial tag.
Kicks in General play cannot be above the shoulder height of the referee.
Attacking team cannot dive on a kicked ball in any situation, but can kick on.
Kick offs and line drop outs – If the ball lands in the field of play and then rolls across the try line whether touched or not a line drop out occurs.
Try line becomes the dead ball line for all kicks.



Defensive line can move forward only when dummy half touches the ball. Dummy half can run and be tagged with the ball. Dummy half may score a try.



1 Point will be awarded for each try
Winning Team will receive 3 points
Drawn Game will receive 2 points
A loss will receive 1 point
In mixed divisions: 2 points for try scored by a female
Any team forfeiting the game will be given 1 point for notifying the Competition Convenor and 0 points if they don’t.