Beach Tag Rules

The following are rule variations when playing BeachTag.  Please refer to the Oztag Rulebook for all other facets of the game


  • Field dimensions are 50m Long x 30m Wide
  • 9 minute halves
  • 6 Players on the field at any time. Mixed divisions are played with 3 males & 3 females (maximum 12 players in a team)
  • There is unlimited interchange
  • A tap kick at half way commences the game and is used to restart play after a try. The non-scoring team will have possession for the restart
  • The game is non-tackle, whoever initiates contact will be penalised. The onus is on the  attacking player to avoid the defender.


  • The attacking team has 6 tags before a change over
  • Simultaneous tag is play on (the advantage goes to the attacking team)
  • The ball carrier is not allowed to protect his/her tag or fend/palm off defenders.
  • A knock back is play on, knock on advantage rule applies – (same as league)
  • An attacker must stop and play the ball if she/he is in possession with only 1 tag on
  • Dummy half can score and can be tagged
  • The attacking team CANNOT dive on the ball once it has been kicked
  • The ball must be rolled with the hand in between the player’s legs for a play the ball
  • A try is awarded to the attacking team when they ground the ball on or over the try line. Tries are worth 1 point, except for women in mixed games who will receive 2 points for a try.


  • Defender must remove one tag to stop attackers progress. She/he then holds up the tag and drops it to the ground marking where the play the ball should occur
  • There is a marker in the play the ball
  • Defensive line is back 7m and must wait for dummy half to touch the ball before moving


  • Kicking is allowed on any tag
  • Kicks in general play must be below referee’s shoulder height
  • Once the ball touches the ground over the try line, play is dead. Defending team is awarded a tap kick 5m out, centre of field to restart play.
  • Kicking from the ground is play on as long as you don’t initiate contact with a player attempting to pick up the ball
  • If the ball is kicked into the referee, the referee will order a changeover where she/he was struck


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct covers the behaviour and attitude of players on the field and may result in penalty, sin bin or dismissal.
  • The Australian Oztag Sports Association has and will hand out lengthy penalties for fighting.

Competition Points

Bye 3
Win 3
Draw 2
Loss 1
Forfeit 0


Click here to download the full official Oztag rule book.