Venue: Smith Park, Broadmeadow

Start Date: Monday 5th Feb 2024 & Thursday 8th Feb 2024 (Round 1)

End Date: Monday 11th & Thursday 14th March 2024(Round 6)

Grand Finals: Monday 18th & Thursday 21st 2024

Monday afternoons:
U6, U8 and U10 Boys & Girls
Thursday afternoons:
U12, U14 and U16 Boys & Girls

Competition Length:

6 rounds + 1 week for Grand Finals

(one washout week allowed also which is played after the last round game)

Times (may vary each week)
Monday afternoons (4:15pm, 4:50pm, 5:25pm, 6:00pm, 6:35pm)
Thursday afternoons (4:30pm, 5:05pm, 5:40pm, 6:15pm, 6:50pm)

Registration Fee’s
U6 Non competitive: $60 per player (includes shorts/tights)
U8’s – U16’s: $75 per player  (Shorts/tights NOT included)
Active Kids Vouchers accepted (no refunds)
Plain black shorts/tights $35 each. (Sublimated shorts/tights $40/$50 each)

A Facebook page called “Newcastle Junior Oztag individual players” is created for parents to write in and ask if any teams need a player.

ALL team organisers will be asked to monitor this page if they are in need of any extra players they will also put up a post asking for specific age groups. We ask that you comment on the post and communicate with the team organiser, they will give you a code to sign up with to their team.

Please make sure you check your Childs age and make sure when your posting in the page that you put the age division your child will be in eg. U12 girls. This makes it easier for team organisers to filter through and contact you.