Rep Oztag

2022 State Cup Selections

For the 2022 State Cup team selections there will be some changes from how we have selected teams in the past.  This is to try to make it easier for all concerned and recognising the limited time we have to select teams.

This year players MUST register their interest in being considered for selection in a rep team.  Coaches/selectors, for some teams, will be assessing players in the local competitions over the next few rounds to develop a list of players they would like to attend the trials.  Players will then be advised if they have been invited to trial.  Trials will be held on Friday evenings during February with teams being finalised before the end of Febraury.
We require a minimum of 16 people to register their interest in a team for it to be considered for State Cup.  If there are not 16 registered then the team will not go ahead.
As most would be aware there is NO DIVISION 2 competition at State Cup any longer.  Where we enter more then one team they will both be in Division 1.  2nd teams will only be considred once the 1st teams have enough players.
All players who wish to be considered for selection MUST already be registered in a team at Penrith Oztag in the Summer 2021/22 competition.  Players must play a MINIMUM of 7 games in one team in this current Sumemr competition.
Register your interest here:, registrations will close 28th January 2022.
Should you have any queries please email, DM us on FaceBook or see an official at the fields.