Penrith Oztag offers the following competitions:

  • Tuesday evening – Mixed
  • Wednesday evening – Mixed
  • Thursday evening – Men’s

All players must be 15 to register in a senior competition.


Registration is $125 for senior players and $95 for players U/18 (plus online fees, if paid online)


  • Tuesday Mixed is scheduled to commence on 30th April
  • Wednesday Mixed is scheduled to commence on 1st May
  • Thursday Men’s is scheduled to commence on 2nd May

We plan to play 12 rounds of competition games and then 2 weeks of finals (semi-finals and grand finals)

We will allow two wet weather weeks at the end of the competition.  If we have more wet weather rounds then weeks available, then some rounds may be cancelled.  We reserve the right to alter any and all competiion dates if required.  If we change dates, we will provide as much notice as possible.

NOTE: Washed Out Games MAY BE played on any day of the week, including weekends.

Mixed  –  can have up to a maxium of four males on the field at any time.  Can have any number of females on the field to make total of 8 players on the field (including 8 females at any time).


    Players are required to wear official Australian Oztag shorts or tights. Under no circumstances are players allowed to sew velcro patches onto pants/tights or wear TAG20, LEAGUE TAG or any other unofficial shorts/tights.

    Shorts (from $30) & Tights (from $35) can be purchased from the office on any game night.

    How to register

    We accept active kids vouchers for registrations, they can be redeemed during the registration process.

    Register on Sportfix

    There are limited places available. Teams will be allocated into the competition once all players have registered and made payment. A team’s place will not be held until all payments are finalised. Please do not register players until they are in a position to pay.


    • Click here to visit the REGISTRATION link.
    • Select the competition – Tuesday Mixed, Wednesday Mixed or Thursday Men’s
    • Create a SportFix account or sign into account if previously held one. IMPORTANT: Please do not do this multiple times –  as it will make duplicates if done again – if it takes you away from your team select the little person image in the top right and go to my registrations to get back to the team registration.
    • Verify email address (only for new accounts – please check junk mail).
    • Fill in your Team name
    • Select Skill Level/Competition – rate your teams skil llevel from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest) – this is only an indication to us which we will consider when grading teams.
    • Pay $115 team registration fee – This fee will then be allocated to the team organisers (or nominated person’s) player registration fee after they register as a player.
    • Invite team members – you will see a team code when registering and receive an email with the details, please pass this onto your players and ask them to use the below instructions (If you miss the team code you can click the person in the top right – select my registrations and it will show your teams code).
    • Register yourself – if the team organsier is also playing they MUST register themselves into the team after the team has been registsred.  Ensure you select the Pay Later option whe nasked to pay, we will then allocate the $110 team registration fee as your player registration.  Click here to register into a team.


    Players will receive a team code from their team delegate.  Players then need to register themselves into the team.

    • Click here to JOIN A TEAM.
    • Enter the TEAM CODE.
    • Create a SportFix account or sign into account if previously held one. IMPORTANT: Please do not do this multiple times –  as it will make duplicates if done again – if it takes you away from your team select the little person image in the top right and go to my registrations to get back to the team registration.
    • If you are a parent registering your child OR you are register another player on their behalf please select the box “I am registering on behalf of my child or someone else
    • Fill in all personal details and make payment. Registration is $125 (or $95 if U/18) plus transaction fees.  You also have the option to select PAY LATER.  You can then pay via Direct Deposit to our bank account (BSB: 032278  Acct: 501391 your name/team as reference) or by cash at the fields.  Player who select PAY LATER have 7 days to make payment or they will be removed from the team.
    • ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHERS: If you are using an active kids voucher – when it comes time to make payment please select active kids voucher and enter voucher details. Please wait until the voucher has been accepted and the balance drops down -$50 before entering credit card details. DO NOT ENTER CREDIT CARD DETAILS PRIOR TO THE BALANCE DROPPING DOWN OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL AMOUNT ON THE CREDIT CARD.

    Team registrations will strictly close on Friday 8th September – teams must have the minimum of 8 players registered and paid for by this time.

    Individual registrations

    If you do not have a team and wish to register your interest in playing please use the links below.  We will pass your details onto interested team organisers and attempt to find you a team.  We cannot guarantee that we will find positions for all interested players but we will do our best.  You do not pay registration fee’s until we you are in a team.


    For further details on insurance and information on how to lodge a claim or contact the insurer
    please visit the Australian Oztag website.

    INSURANCE COVER INFORMATION SHEET (effective 22nd December 2022).        

    • Policy limit is $2,500 per injury per annum.
    • Non-Medicare medical benefits – covers 75 % of the invoice.
    • An excess of $100 applies to each claim.
    • Loss of income is not included.
    • This is only a summary of insurance coverage available (refer policy wording).
    • Any expense must be incurred with 12 months of the insured person sustaining the injury.
    • ATC insurance email


    The Oztag competition is organised and run by licensees under the Auspice of Australian Oztag.  Oztag offers to provide access to the competition to Players on provision by Players of the registration fee and agreement to these Conditions of Play.

    As a Player, I agree and understand, subject to these Conditions:

    1. I play at my own risk. Qualification of any team for the semi-finals will depend upon validly signed and completed registration form & sign on sheets for all Players being submitted.
    2. I will not wear football boots with screw in type studs (metal, nylon, or spikes).
    3. I will wear shoes suitable to playing the sport whilst playing – I will not play in bare feet.
    4. I will not wear jewellery (which includes men’s watches) while playing.
    5. I will not talk to the referee unless I am the captain of a team.
    6. I will not sledge either the opposition or my own team members. This is a major offence and will result in me being sent off.
    7. I must comply with the referee’s directions and decisions.
    8. I must play in official Oztag shorts.
    9. Any injury I sustain must be reported on the night of the injury. Claims may be rejected if the injury is not reported on the night.
    10. All teams must wear numbered shirts with numbers either clearly identified on both sleeves or with one large number on the back of the shirt.
    11. Changes may occur to the competition during the competition. Information regarding any changes will be placed on notice boards or websites or social media (eg: Facebook, Instagram) pages each week. Teams and Players are recommended to check these notices as these changes may affect them.


    1. Oztag has arranged injury insurance cover (“Player Insurance”) for Players through ATC Insurance solutions.
    2. Players acknowledge that there is a real possibility of injury in playing in the Oztag competition. The most common injuries are finger, ankle and knee injuries and broken bones but may include any form of injury, including in rare cases, death.
    3. Players who desire more comprehensive or other insurance cover must obtain this cover prior to playing. It is up to each Player to determine whether they require further cover in addition to the Player Insurance before they play

    As a Player, I warrant that:

    1. I am in a fit state of health to play.
    2. I will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs that may adversely affect me while playing.
    3. I have no pre-existing medical or other conditions which might cause me injury or be aggravated by playing.
    4. I have read and understood these Conditions of Play.
    5. I will comply with these Conditions of Play.


    1. As a Player, I acknowledge that the Player Accident Insurance may be my only recourse to recover damages for personal injury.
    2. I hereby RELEASE Oztag and its associated parties, including without limitation, its members, officers, servants and agents, contractors and referees including any other person engaged by Oztag in any capacity (“the Oztag Parties” or, individually, “Oztag Party”) from all liability for loss of any nature, including without limitation, all personal injury, including assault or battery, economic loss sustained from personal injury, damage to property, whether arising out of negligence, breach of any statutory duty, breach of contract or at common law.
    3. I acknowledge and represent that any Oztag Party regardless of their connection with me may rely on this release. This release from liability applies unless specifically prohibited by statute. 
    4. Oztag expressly excludes all liability for death or personal injury to any Player in so far as such liability is capable of being the subject of any implied warranty under section 74 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) and any other state or territory legislation having a similar purpose.
    5. The ‘Indemnity’ on the registration form constitutes a risk warning for the purposes of the Civil Liability Act 2002 NSW and any other legislation having a similar purpose.
    6. These Conditions of Play represent the entire agreement and understanding between Oztag and the Player and bind the Player’s heirs, successors and assigns.
    7. Oztag will not waive or vary any of these Conditions of Play unless it does so by notice in writing.

    Local Rules / Conditions of Entry

    • BSB: 032278
    • Account No: 501391
    • Account Name: Penrith OzTag Association Inc
    • Reference: Your name and team name

    Any players that play without paying their registration fees in full, or making arrangements with us for payment, will result in their team LOSING 6 points for each game the player plays, and the player will be suspended for 2 matches

    If you are having issues paying your fee’s you need to see the competition manager to make arrangements.  In cases where arrangements cannot be made you CANNOT PLAY until your registrations are paid in full.


    If a player can no longer play during the season the following applies:

    1. If the player withdrawing IS NOT being replaced and HAS NOT played any games, they will get a full refund minus a $20 administration fee.
    2. If the player withdrawing IS NOT being replaced and HAS played games, they are entitled to NO REFUND. (Unless there are extenuating circumstances (at the Committee’s discretion))
    3. If the player withdrawing IS being replaced and HAS NOT played any games the cost to the replacement player is $20. (Generally, the replacement player will reimburse the player they are replacing the difference in registration fees. We are happy to refund the player their registration fee as per point 1, but the replacement player will then need to pay the full registration fee).
    4. If the player withdrawing IS being replaced and HAS played games the cost to the replacement player is $50.
    5. If a player wants to transfer to a different team and HAS NOT played any games, there is no charge.
    6. If a player wants to transfer to a different team and HAS played games, there is a $20 charge.
    7. All replacements/withdrawals/transfers can only be done up until Round 7.
    8. All replacements/refunds/transfers are subject to the Committee’s discretion.

    If you have any questions regarding replacements/withdrawals, please discuss with us.


    No exceptions for any team no matter how long they have been together, family members, keeping rep teams together or for any other reason.

    To try to maintain the competitiveness of our competitions, and to give all teams a fair go, we have rules in place on how many Representative players that are permitted in teams from Division 2 down.  If you have any question regarding these rules, or how they may apply to your team or players please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always open to suggestions on improvements or tweaking of these rules, but they must be to everyone’s benefits, so if you have any idea’s please come and discuss them with us.

     A Rep player is a person who has represented ANY Oztag competition at either of the 2022 or 2023 State Cups or the 2022/23 National Championships



    Male – 34 and under


    Male – 35-39


    Male – 40+


    Female – 29 and under


    Female – 30-35


    Female 35+


     Age is determined by the players age at scheduled start date of the respective competition.


    Tuesday Mixed and Thursday Men’s

    Wednesday Mixed


    Points Limit


    Points Limit

    Div 1/PremTag










    3 and lower


    4 and lower





    • These limits do not dictate where teams without Rep Players are graded. Just because a team is under a limit it does not mean they cannot be placed in a high grade.
    • Players selected in a Penrith 2nd or 3rd rep team DO NOT count towards the rep player total
    • Players who have only represented in a Junior Representative team DO NOT count towards the rep player total, but you must indicate if Junior Rep when registering.
    • You must indicate when registering if a player is a Rep Player. This means a Rep Player at ANY OZTAG  Any team found not identifying any rep players will be subject to sanctions as the committee decides, including re-grading of the team or withdrawal of the player/s in question.

    SportFix is the registration system used at Penrith Oztag.  The system not only allows teams and players to be registsred but also provides online draws, results and ladders.  There are two components to SportFix, there is the SportFix App and the SportFix website.

    The SportFix app can be dowlonaded from the Apple or Google stores and is used for players to access draws, results and ladders.

    The SportFix website is used not only for access to draws, results and ladders buit also has the following functions:

    Team Organisers can:

    • Register your team
    • Add players by entering their details, and their email address
    • Obtain the invite code that you can send to players so they can go and register themselves.
    • Manage your team moving forward including adding additional players and removing players who withdraw.
    • Add additional Team Admins to assist in managing the team
    • Check who has paid in their team

    Players can:

    • Register themselves into a team either from an email that is sent from the system when the team organiser adds them OR By entering the code the team organiser provides to them
    • Pay their registration online, including using Active Kids vouchers
    • Register into multiple teams from the one application

    Obtaining Team Code For the team organisers of the teams that have already registered you can obtain the Team Code by Logging into your SportFix account

    • Go to My Teams (from the Profile Icon in top right)
    • Locate the team you wish to manage
    • Click on View Team
    • Click on Team Member Registrations in the Competition window towards bottom of screen
    • The screen that appears shows you the code to send to players
    • It also shows who has been invited and who has registered.

    While the competition is scheduled for 12 rounds, Penrith Oztag reserves the right to vary the length due to any circumstances that may arise.  Penrith Oztag is under no obligation to provide refunds if the competition length is shortened, or games cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances such as field damage, weather events, public health issues or any other event outside of their control.


    Photo ID must be produced when checking in for finals or when requested by an official.  Photo ID is used to confirm name and date of birth details.

    • Do not play players who are not registered in your team. They are not covered by insurance, and if found your team will lose 6 points and the player, if registered at Penrith Oztag, will be suspended for 2 weeks from all teams.  Playing an unregistered player is not fair on all players, including the ones in your team, who have paid their registration fees.
    • If you are having issues with getting enough players, come and see us, we may be able to assist.
    • If an unregistered player is found playing, then the team organiser (if in attendance) or another player who is in attendance at the game (generally the person who bought the unregistered player) will be suspended for all matches for 2 weeks.

    Players may register in multiple teams under the following conditions:

    • There are no discounts for registering in multiple teams.
    • We offer no guarantee that games will not clash.
    • If a player is registered in more than one team, and both teams play at the same time they can only switch teams at half time. Players must be in correct uniform for each team.
    • It is the responsibility of each player playing in more than one team on the same night to advise us of this if both teams make the finals. Where advised we will make every effort to avoid a clash of games.
    • A player cannot register in two teams in the same division. If a player registers in more than one team that are then re-graded to the same division, we will offer alternative arrangements for the player in question.  The committee has the discretion to permit this in extenuating circumstances.
    • The registration of any player into more than one team is at the discretion of the committee.
    • Players must check in every week to be covered by Oztag insurance and to qualify for the finals. Teams found playing people not registered in their team, or who have not paid all registration fee’s (without making arrangements with us), will lose 6 points, the player will also be suspended for 2 weeks from all games.  Repeat offences may see your team disqualified from the competition.  See above re unregistered players and penalties.
    • Players MUST CHECK IN before the end of HALF TIME. If you do not make it by the end of half time you will not be able to play that game.
    • All shorts & tights worn must be official Oztag garments or you cannot take the field.
    • No shorts will be loaned out.
    • Penrith Oztag will supply the ball for each game. Failure to return it to the referee will see each team penalised 50% each for cost of ball.
    • All players must have the same team shirt, including a number, before they take the field. NO CHANGE SHIRTS ARE AVAILABLE.
    • Captains are responsible for returning all tags at the end of the game to the referee.
    • No metal studs or cleats are permitted.
    • All players MUST have a number on their shirt that does not clash with any other player in their team. Players on the field without numbers will be asked to leave the field and fix the problem.  Taped on numbers are no longer acceptable as they fall off.
    PLAYING SHIRTS (Uniform)

    There are penalties in place for players out of uniform after round 3 unless there is an acceptable reason.  An acceptable reason IS NOT:

    • I left mine at home.
    • I have multiple teams.
    • The dog ate it.
    • It’s in the car or another bag.

    In the above cases if you require a shirt, you can purchase an ‘Association’ Shirt for $15.  This is the players to keep and is the only shirt that player can wear for that team.

    Players out of uniform on the field will also be penalised 1 try per player out of uniform. This will be decided by the Competition Official in attendance (not the referee).

    Players will be warned for Rounds 1-3 before rule is applied.

    Consideration will be given where a team is unable to obtain single replacement shirts.  In these cases, the shirt MUST be the same colour as the main colour of normal shirt, must be numbered (different from others in the team) AND you must get clearance from the office BEFORE taking the field.

    There will be no consideration given to teams/players coming up the office after a game raising issues with uniforms.  If you have concerns, you must raise them with our Competition Official (not the referee) during the game or at half time.  The decision of the Competition Official is final, any arguing or dissent shown towards the Competition Official regarding policing this rule will see additional penalties imposed on the player/team in question.

    Work with us on improving this aspect of our game.  If you are having issues with shirts please come and see us, do not leave it and wait to be caught.  We will work with and show leniency towards genuine cases of difficulty regarding shirts, where players/teams have contacted us as soon as the issue arises.


    Fill-in players permitted ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Due to continued abuse of the system and non-compliance by many teams only players REGISTERED IN A TEAM are permitted to play in that team.  If your team is short players unfortunately, you must play short.  The penalties for playing players either not registered at all, or registered but not in your team are as follows:

    Offence Penalty
    Playing Unregistered Players.
    These are players not registered at Penrith Oztag in current competition.
    • 0 points for the game.
    • Loss of 6 points.
    • Organiser/captain or responsible player suspended for 2 weeks from all teams.
    • Opposition receives a draw for the game if they lost the game.

    Playing player not registered in your team.

    These are players registered at Penrith Oztag in current competition, but not in your team.

    • 0 points for the game.
    • Loss of 6 points.
    • Player suspended for 2 weeks from all teams.
    • Opposition receives a draw for the game if they lost the game.

    Please note that the commitee may approve fill-in players in extrordinay circumstances.


    Offence Penalty
    No shirt Number supplied by Round 3 Game not counted towards finals qualifications.
    Registered player playing and not checking in Game not counted towards finals qualifications.
    Forfeit without notice (after 5pm on game day) Loss of 3 points, in addition to receiving 0 points for the game.
    Playing Unregistered Players.
    These are players not registered at Penrith Oztag in current competition.
    • 0 points for the game.
    • Loss of 6 points.
    • Organiser/captain or responsible player suspended for 2 weeks from all teams.
    • Opposition receives a draw for the game if they lost the game.

    Playing player not registered in your team.

    These are players registered at Penrith Oztag in current competition, but not in your team.

    • 0 points for the game.
    • Loss of 6 points.
    • Player suspended for 2 weeks from all teams.
    • Opposition receives a draw for the game if they lost the game.

    Out of Uniform After Round 3

    Unless you have a delivery issue and you have seen us, or are wearing one of our change shirts

    1 try per player out of uniform.

    This will be decided by the Competition Official in attendance (not the referee).
    Players will be warned for Rounds 1 and 2 before rule is applied.

    Consideration will be given where a team is unable to obtain single replacement shirts.  In these cases, the shirt MUST be the same colour as the main colour of normal shirt AND you must get clearance from the office BEFORE taking the field.

    Playing while suspended The full length of the original suspension will be doubled

    • The organiser is the person who registers the team and indicates online that they are the organiser.
    • Captains are the only players to ask questions of referees, this should be done respectfully.
    • Captains, please make sure you check the score with the referee at the end of the game. If you do not agree with the score, come and see us at the office.
    • The person who takes the toss at the beginning of the game is considered by the referee to be the captain of that team. If someone else has this role you must notify the referee.
    • The captain/organiser is responsible for the actions of their players AND their spectators. If a player or spectator does not follow the instructions of the referee it is the captain/organiser who is responsible to ensure that they do.  The captain/organiser may be dismissed by the referee to deal with any players/spectators. Any suspensions given to unregistered players or spectators will be borne by the captain/organiser in attendance at the game in question.  Should the organiser not be in attendance at the game, or is a non-playing organiser, the penalty will fall to either the captain or another person in the team (the committee will decide in consultation with the team).

    While alcohol is available for sale at the fields, players are encouraged not to consume alcohol before they play.  Any player who is injured in a game and is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be covered by the insurance policy.

    Players are not permitted to consume alcohol at any time during a game they are participating in.  This includes any time they may be off the field during the game or at half time of a game.  Players observed consuming alcohol during a game they are participating in will not be permitted to continue participating in that game.  It is the organisers/captain’s responsibility to ensure this rule is adhered to.  Teams and players that ignore this rule may be subject to suspensions.


    Games can be played at any time between 6.30pm and 10.00pm.  Our standard games times for Winter 24 are 7.00pm, 7.50pm and 8.40pm BUT these may vary due to the number of teams and/or number of fields available.  We will attempt to accommodate any teams’ requests to play/not play at certain timeslots but cannot guarantee that the requests can be met.

    We will attempt to rotate teams’ timeslots weekly, but no guarantees are given.  All teams may play at any time slot during the season. Every effort is made to even out the number of games played at each time slot, but no guarantee is given.


    Standard game time is twenty (20) minutes per half with up to four (4) minutes for half time (these times though may be varied if the competition requires it).  An announcement will be given and then the next hooter will commence the game. Note the committee reserves the right to vary game times if require due to any unforeseen circumstances.

    If a team does not have five (5) players on the field ready to play when the first hooter sounds, they will be given 5 minutes for extra players to arrive.  The team will give the opposition 3 tries for this delay.  The 3 tries applies regardless of whether the players arrive in 30 seconds or 4 minutes.  An announcement will be made at the 5-minute mark to indicate the wait time is up, the team MUST have at least 5 players on the field BEFORE this announcement so the game can commence.  There will be not further time given after the 5 minutes, which will be strictly adhered to.

    In mixed games females are required to kick off (local rule).


    All fields at The Kingsway are marked with an in-goal area behind the try line.  This line is known as the SAFETY LINE, any player crossing this line in the act of scoring a try will be deemed to be tagged and will be required to play the ball 5 metres out.  A tag will count, and play will continue, unless it was already the last tag which will result in a changeover 5 metres out.  This is a local rule.


    If a team falls below five (5) players due to injuries or sin bins they may continue the game.  If they choose not to continue, they will lose the game as a forfeit and receive nil (0) points.  If a team falls below five (5) players because of players dismissed for the remainder of the game the non-offending team shall be declared the winner.  The offending team will be given nil (0) points and the non-offending team will be given three (3) points and either a 5-0 win or the score at the cessation of the game, whichever is the greatest advantage to them. If the referee abandons a game the committee will decide the result.


    Any team that walks from the field of play before the referee has finished the game will be given a minimum one game team suspension, with the organiser and captain from the team to report to the committee room immediately after the walk off.


    Penrith Oztag provides a first aid person to attend to injuries.  This treatment is limited to basic first aid only.  Please note the following:

    • If there is an injury in your game you must notify us, we cannot view all games and see all injuries. If you require treatment at your field get someone to come up to the committee room and we will attend.
    • If the first aid officer believes an ambulance is required, they will ASK the injured person if they would like an ambulance called. If they do not want an ambulance called, we generally will not call one as there is a cost for the ambulance that the player is liable for (only 50% is covered by the Oztag insurance).  The exception to this is if the first aid officer believes the player is suffering a life-threatening injury/illness.
    • All injuries must be reported to the medical person on the night of the Injury and the injury report form signed. Failure to do this will result in denied insurance claims.
    • To be eligible for finals series a player must have checked in for a minimum of FIVE (5) games.
    • Games where you are suspended or games where your team forfeits do not count for finals eligibility.
    • During Semi-finals & Grand Finals each player MUST show their Photo ID before they check in.
    • All players must check in before taking the field. Check in closes at half time.

    The finals series will be comprised of the top 4 teams playing off over a two-week period.

    Semi Finals

    • SF1: 1 v 4
    • SF2: 2 v 3

    Grand Finals

    • Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

    Drawn games in finals (local rule)

    If there are drawn games during semi or grand finals, then the following applies:

    • Extra time will start with 6 players from each team. (Mixed, 3 men/3 girls per team)
    • All starts of play in extra time will be by a tap kick (that is you do not kick off) at halfway.
    • If a team scores a try in the first possession of extra time, play will be restarted with a tap kick by the team that did not score the try at halfway. This team then has one possession during which they must score a try otherwise the opposition is declared the winner.
    • Each team must have at least one possession of the ball, after which first try wins.
    • A possession is defined as a set or six OR up until you lose possession in that set of six.
    • If there is no result after three minutes drop to 5 players per side. (Mixed, 2 men/3 girls)
    • Play will then continue until there is a result.
    • Teams have the right of reply if each continues scoring in consecutive sets.

    If you have any enquiries, please see an official at the fields.  All problems can be resolved if they are approached in a rational and calm manner.  ABUSIVE OR FOUL LANGUAGE TO ANY OFFICIAL WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Complaints are to be directed to Competition Co-ordinator in the first instance.


    If there are rounds washed out, we have allowed several weeks at the end of the season to catch up games, the finals will be pushed back if required.  If the washed-out rounds cannot be caught up in these weeks, then:

    • Games may be played on any day of the week, including weekends. These may be single or multiple rounds.
    • 2 half games may be played on the same night if possible. These will either be two separate games or games for double points if the opposition match up.
    • If they cannot be played in the catch-up rounds or half games, then the rounds will be cancelled. No refunds will be issued.

    In the event that a round is washed out/cancelled ALL games for that round will be declared a draw.

    If the fields are closed during the finals, the finals will be pushed back into any remaining spare weeks, if they have not already been used.  If there are no spare weeks:

    • Final series games may be cancelled.
    • Grand Finals will be attempted to be played on alternative days in the weeks leading up to the next season.

    If the Grand Finals are not completed at least 2 weeks prior to the next competition, then joint premiers will be declared and prize money split accordingly.

    There will be NO REFUNDS for games/seasons being shortened, varied or cancelled due to conditions outside of our control (eg: weather, public health, council requirements)

    • Teams who forfeit a game without early notice (before 4pm) will lose three points and receive 0 points for the game Early notice, prior to 4pm on game day, will result in the 3-point penalty being waived.
    • Teams who forfeit three times during the season will have their position in the competition reviewed. Unless there are extenuating circumstances for the forfeits the team will be withdrawn from the competition with NO REFUNDS
    • Teams who repeatedly forfeit may be asked to lodge a bond if they return the following season, which will be forfeited if the team continue to forfeit games.
    • The non-offending team will be awarded a 5-0 win for a forfeit.
    • Teams who forfeit semi-finals will not be eligible for grand finals.

    Teams who forfeit during the season will have their place in semi-finals assessed prior to the draw for semi-finals being finalised.  This will consider the performance of the team against the team they forfeited against and the impacts of the forfeits on the finals, especially in split divisions where forfeits may put a team in the bottom division whereas if they had not forfeited, they may have been in the top division.  A team’s position on the ladder may be adjusted for the semi-finals if they have forfeited and the committee believes the forfeit has had an adverse impact on the positions on the ladder.  The committee may also alter a team’s tries for/against if forfeits have an impact on their position on the ladder.

    • Any player that is involved in a fight will be sent off for remainder of game – NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Any player that throws a punch will be sent off for the remainder of a game– NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Any sledging and/or foul language will not be tolerated. There is to be no sledging of the opposition or your own team members under any circumstances. This is a major offence and will result in the player being sent off.
    • Any abuse of referee’s will be dealt with severely.
    • Player sent for a POT or remainder of the game is to HAND their tags to the referee.  Players sent off for a POT or remainder of the game cannot be replaced, you must play a player down.
    • A referee may send you for a P.O.T., the duration of which is at his discretion. You must take up a position behind your opponent’s goal line and hand your tags to the referee.
    • A second P.O.T. in the same game will incur an automatic two (2) game suspension. This suspension is not appealable.
    • Any player sent off for the remainder of the game will receive an automatic 2 game suspension and will be contacted by the Judiciary Chairman if further action is required.

    Players incur suspension/POT points for infringements during the season.  A POT incurs a two (2) point penalty and suspensions incur whatever penalty the judiciary decides.  If a player accumulates 12 points in one competition, then they are AUTOMATICALLY suspended for eight (8) games.  These eight (8) games are in addition to any other suspension in place at the time.


    Suspensions may be given for a certain number of games OR for a certain number of weeks.  Any suspensions issued for week’s covers ALL games for teams the player is registered in.

    • Any suspended sentence handed out is in effect for the current season and the next season the player plays.
    • Suspended games do not count towards finals qualifications.
    • Forfeits by your team DO NOT count towards game suspensions, BYES and FORFEITS by the opposition DO.

    Every care when grading teams but due to numerous factors it is not always possible to get teams graded correctly.  When doing the initial grading there are many factors we have to consider including:

    • Past performance of team
    • Players in a team (experience, rep players)
    • Oztag experience (new teams/players)
    • Number of teams into a division
    • Potential player/referee clashes
    • Team requests
    • Field availability
    • Our knowledge of teams

    To achieve as fair a competition as possible the following guidelines apply to the regrading of teams:

    • We will undertake a review of gradings after Round 4. The committee reserves the right to re-grade a team at any time should they deem it necessary.
    • When a team is re-graded, they will be moved to the new division with the same competition points as the team running mid-ladder but retain their own tries for and tries against in the new division. This ensures they, and the other teams in the new division, have an opportunity to compete fairly over the remaining rounds.  Re-grading is not meant to reward or penalise teams.

    When reviewing the competition for possible re-grading following are some factors that are considered:

    • How many games have been played and against what teams have these games been played?
    • How many players did teams have playing on a particular night; how many players did the opposition have?
    • How is the whole division performing?
    • Are there other teams in the same division who may need to be re-graded?
    • What are the for/against figures?
    • Are there teams in higher/lower divisions that require re-grading and may be switched with?
    • Do the teams have a history of poor performance and then much improved performance once downgraded?
    Player Registration $125
    PREMTAG Player Registration $125
    U/18 Player – (Must not turn 19 during the year the comp commences) $95
    Late Registrations after Round 6


    $65 (U/18)

    • All players are advised to have PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE as the coverage under the standard insurance is limited. Standard insurance does not cover loss of wages.
    • If you are under the influence of any alcohol/drugs/medication at time of injury – you are not insured and cannot claim insurance.
    • All claims carry an excess of $100.
    • For insurance cover information, please click here.
    • Teams can purchase ‘Loss of Income Insurance’ for your team at a low cost of $110.00 (incl GST). This can only be done on a team basis not individual. Forms can be downloaded here.

    Penrith Oztag offers prizemoney for all competitions as follows:

    PREMTAG (Summer comps only and dependent on number of teams entered)

    Premiers: $2000     Runners Up: $750
    Minor Premiers: $250

    1st Division

    Premiers: $1000     Runners Up: $500

    All other Divisions

    Premiers: $700     Runners Up: $300

    Please note that if there are any divisions split into two divisions for the finals the bottom of these groups will only receive 50% of the normal prize money.

    Penrith Oztag reserves the right to change the prizemoney amounts as it see’s fit, but will provide as much notice as possible. 

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