Insurance Prior to 22/12/2022

Your Registration fee covers your Injury Insurance premium.

Australian Oztag Insurance is limited (see summary below) and Australian Oztag recommends that all players have their own private health insurance.

For Injuries sustained after the 22nd of December, 2022, please click here.

To be insured:

Upon registering into a team for a competition, you must read the ‘conditions of play’ on the back of the ‘Team Registration Form’ before signing, to ensure you fully understand them.

At each game, you must sign on a ‘Team Sign on Sheet’ & notify your ‘Individual Registration Number’ to be insured.

The injured player must report any injury sustained whilst playing the game of Oztag to the Competition Convener game officials immediately.

• If the injured player cannot, a representative from the team must do so.

• If this is not done on the night/day of the injury, you will not be covered by Insurance.

If you are insured – to make a claim:

Please contact the Insurer and their claims department SportsCover (03) 8562 9100, advise you are a member of Oztag Australia and they will assist you to place a claim of Injury.

All completed claims forms, provided below, can be sent to: for lodgement and further advices on the process.

If you have any further queries you can contact Surefinity Insurance Brokers on 1300 450 663 and they will be able to explain further details of the cover.

To request a claim form, please visit our website

  • Click on CLAIMS,
  • Select Australasia
  • Click ‘Request Claim Form’
  • Then select ‘Personal accident claim form’
  • Fill in details as required
  • Once Sportscover received your claim form request, they will forward the relevant claim form to you and all the information relating to your claim & what is required to finalise this for you.

Summary of insurance cover:


LOSS OF INCOME INSURANCE IS NOT INCLUDED (refer loss of Income Team Insurance sub page)

Private Health Insurance MUST be claimed, prior to submitting a claim to Sportscover.

Medicare Costs for the Gap cannot be claimed through Sportscover.

• Policy Limit for Medical is $2500 per injury per annum.

• Medical benefits Covers 75% of the invoice.

• Physiotherapy benefit is 75% of the invoice.

Personal Accident Insurance

All Oztag players, coaches, managers, administrators and referees are automatically covered under Sportscover Sports Injury Insurance.

This Insurance covers the entire Oztag Competitions/Tournaments throughout the year.

This insurance provides compensation for the following:

• Capital Benefits – Permanent Quadriplegia or Paraplegia, Accidental Death to $75k.

• Policy Limit – $2500 per Injury/ per annum.

• Non – Medicare medical benefits Covers 75% of the invoice.

• Physiotherapy Benefit – Covers 75% of the invoice.



Loss of Income Insurance

The current cover you have under your Associations covers you for death (inc permanent disability) and non-medicare medicals (i.e physio, dental etc)

It does not however include loss of income cover.

You can now purchase ‘Loss of Income Insurance’ for your team at a low cost of $99.00 (incl GST). This can only be done on a team basis not individual.

You can purchase this additional cover by completing the registration form (below) and send it back with payment (credit card details) to:

SureFinity Insurance Brokers

PO Box 421

North Lakes QLD 4509

Insurance Documents


Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd

Tel: (03) 8562 9100

Fax: (03) 8562 9111


In writing: Level 1, 271-273 Wellington Road, Mulgrave, VIC 3170