Junior Australian Championships: FINALS WRAP

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Latest News, National, Tournaments

The 2022 Junior National Champions have been crowned following an exceptional weekend of Oztag in Coffs Harbour. 

The Junior Australian Championships kicked off on Friday 14 October, with a sensational display of Finals commencing on Sunday to crown the 2022 National Champions.

Friday and Saturday comprised of some spectacular showdowns, but as anticipated – Sunday’s Finals were taken to a new level of brilliance with teams determined to take home gold.

C.ex Stadium was roaring with energy and spectators were on the edge of their seats as several sudden-death games resulted in a draw – sending teams into thrilling extra-time drop offs (5v5 game decider).

Of the 18 Grand Finals, ten resulted in a one-point difference, proving the quality of Junior talent across Australia.

Australian Oztag are excited to announce the Region Champions for 2022 – finishing on 130 points, the West Sydney Tigercubs.

Having dominated Finals Day, the Tigers proved to be the region to beat this year with 17 of their 18 teams qualifying for Semis, 12 progressing to the Grand Final, and seven taking home gold.

Central Coast finished in second on 95 points, and Illawarra Steelers in third on 67 points.

The West Sydney Tigercubs will receive a $2000 prize for taking out the Championship title – $1000 for their region and $1000 for their chosen charity.

Below are the Grand Final results for each division. Congratulations to all 2022 Junior National Champions.

Boys 9s: Orcas defeated Tigercubs 4-3

Girls 9s: Stingrays defeated Wolverines 3-0

Boys 10s: Tigercubs defeated Orcas 3-2

Girls 10s: Wolverines defeated Stingrays 2-1 in extra time

Boys 11s: Tigercubs defeated Central Coast 6-2

Girls 11s: Orcas defeated Central Coast 2-1 in extra time

Boys 12s: Tigercubs defeated Central Coast 5-4

Girls 12s: Orcas defeated Tigercubs 3-1

Boys 13s: Tigercubs defeated Central Coast 5-3

Girls 13s: Central Coast defeated Tigercubs 3-2 in extra time

Boys 14s: Tigercubs defeated Wolverines 7-6 in extra time

Girls 14s: Tigercubs defeated Stingrays 2-0

Boys 15s: Central Coast defeated Orcas 10-1

Girls 15s: Tigercubs defeated Central Coast 6-2

Boys 16s: Illawarra defeated Tigercubs 4-3 in extra time

Girls 16s: Illawarra defeated Tigercubs 5-1

Boys 17s: Illawarra defeated Orcas 5-4 in extra time

Girls 17s: Central Coast defeated Illawarra 2-1 in extra time

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Congratulations to all teams on a spectacular weekend of Oztag.

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