2023 ITF Tag World Cup Announcement

by | Sep 5, 2022 | International, National, Tournaments

Australian Oztag have announced the official dates and selection policy for the 2023 ITF Tag World Cup in Limerick, Ireland.

Following the success of the International Tag Series in August, the Oztag community are now shifting their focus to the 2023 Tag World Cup (TWC), to be played in Limerick, Ireland.

The highly anticipated tournament will be the first time since the 2018 World Cup, that players from across the globe have the opportunity to come together and compete at an international level.

As advised by the International Tag Federation (ITF), Australian Oztag (AO) are pleased to announce the official dates, tournament venue and divisions for the 2023 TWC.

2023 ITF Tag World Cup Information

Dates: Wednesday 2nd August – Saturday 5th August, 2023

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Tournament Venue: University of Limerick

Divisions (13):

  • Mens, Womens and Mixed Under 21’s
  • Mens, Womens and Mixed Opens
  • Mens and Womens 30’s and 40’s
  • Mixed Seniors
  • Mens 50’s
  • Mens 60’s

AO have also released their official Selection Policy relative to the upcoming Senior Australian Championships in November. It is recommended that all players read the policy if they wish to be considered for selection.  

AO National Director of Coaching and Development, Michael Buettner said there is certainly a sense of anticipation and excitement for next year’s TWC in Ireland.

“There is no greater honour than to represent your country and to be apart of the first Tag World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere will definitely be something special for those players who get the opportunity,” he said.

With the 2022 Australian Championships being the basis for World Cup selection, AO have no doubt that it will be one of the strongest and most competitive displays of Oztag in years.

“Players are preparing themselves for an all-out assault at the National Championships in November, where teams for all 13 divisions will be selected,” Buettner said.  

The Oztag community can look forward to an exciting 12-months ahead, as we itch closer to departing the shores of Australia and travelling half way around the world to compete in a World Cup.

“Once in Ireland, the aim is to make the whole experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and hopefully one that all players and officials will never forget,” Buettner said.