Introducing the Australian Invitational Challenge

Introducing the Australian Invitational Challenge

Australian Oztag have updated the International Tournament Calendar, with the addition of the Australian Invitational Challenge.

The 2024 Australian teams to be announced in the coming week extend an invitation to countries and recognized ITF entities, to participate in the Australian Invitational Challenge (AIC) in August 2024 in Coffs Harbour.

On the back of a very successful International Tag Series in 2022, Australian Oztag will cater for the ever-increasing demand for more international tag. Therefore, the AIC will replace the formerly known Big 4 tournament.

The AIC Opening ceremony will be held on Thursday 1st August, with games to be played Friday, Saturday & Sunday (2-4 August). 

Nominations for competing teams open February, 2024.

After a review of the International tournament calendar, the following events have been put in place:

August 2024: Australian Invitational Challenge – the 2024 Australian teams will invite countries and entities to take on the might of the Aussie teams.

March/April 2025: Trans Tasman Tour – the 2025 Australian teams to tour New Zealand.

August 2025: International Tag Series (ITS) – Countries & ITF sanctioned Entities to compete in Coffs Harbour, without the inclusion of Australian teams. The creation of this tournament gives others an opportunity without the Aussie teams, which have dominated the international scene.

2026: Tag World Cup – Venue & Date TBA.

REPEAT above sequence.

2027: AIC

2028: Trans Tasman Tour & ITS

2029: Tag World Cup

Tagaroos Triumph: 2023 ITF Tag World Cup Results

Tagaroos Triumph: 2023 ITF Tag World Cup Results

Our Australian Tagaroos have returned home following an incredibly successful campaign in Ireland for the 2023 ITF Tag World Cup, with 11 teams crowned World Champions.

At the beginning of August, our Australian Tagaroos travelled across the world for the highly anticipated 2023 ITF Tag World Cup (TWC).

The tournament was held at the University of Limerick in Ireland, from August 2 – 5, marking history as the first TWC to take place in the Northern Hemisphere.

Australian Oztag (AO) were incredibly proud to send a record 14 teams to Ireland, with players from all across the country selected from the 2022 Senior Australian Championships.

2023 Australian Tagaroos Squad

The spectacle that was the Opening Ceremony took place on August 1, where our Tagaroos Club Captains and Vice Captains were proud flag bearers, before our Men’s 30s kicked off the tournament in the opening match against host nation, Ireland.

Club Captains: Amy Spence (Women’s 30s) and Brendan Martin (Men’s Opens)

Vice-Captains: Amy Helm (Women’s 30s) and Adam Carlisle (Men’s 40s)

In cold, wet conditions, games commenced on August 2 – the energy and pride shown by all competing nations, both players and spectators was remarkable.

The spirit of the competition was matched by the camaraderie amongst all competitors, with plenty of photos, hugs, handshakes and playing gear exchanged after all games.

Following an action-packed four days and an average of 7-9 games played by each team, the ITF Tag World Cup Champions were crowned.

Across the 13 divisions, all Australian Tagaroos sides qualified for the Grand Final and 11 teams claimed the World title.

2023 ITF Tag World Cup Grand Final results:

Men’s 21s: Australia defeated New Zealand Exiles 8 – 2

Women’s 21s: Australia defeated New Zealand Exiles 10 – 2

Mixed 21s: ITF Alliance defeated Australia 9-7

Men’s Opens: Australia defeated Lebanon 9 – 2

Women’s Opens: Australia defeated Great Britain 5 – 1

Mixed Opens: Australia defeated New Zealand Exiles 6 – 5

Men’s 30s: Australia defeated Ireland 4 – 2

Women’s 30s: Great Britain defeated Australia 5 – 1

Mixed Seniors: Australia defeated Great Britain 11 – 2

Men’s 40s: Australia defeated Ireland 11 – 1

Women’s 40s: Australia defeated Ireland 5 – 1

Men’s 50s: Australia defeated Great Britain Exiles 11 – 2

Men’s 60s: Australia Green defeated Australia Gold 1 – 0

Congratulations to all teams on an exceptional achievement.

AO’s National Director of Coaching and Development, Michael Buettner commended all players and coaches on their achievements.

“Congratulations should go to all the teams who took out their respective divisions and their coaching staff for their outstanding efforts,” Buettner said.

“Their achievements should not be underestimated and it was great to see all our Tagaroos players leave the tournament with either a Gold or Silver Medal,” he said. 

Special mention goes to the following Tagaroos sides who went through the tournament undefeated.

  • Men’s 21s
  • Men’s Opens
  • Women’s Opens
  • Mixed Opens
  • Men’s 30s
  • Mixed Seniors
  • Men’s 40s
  • Women’s 40s
  • Men’s 50s

“I know after what happened in Ireland earlier this month, the spark is well and truly lit for all players to aim towards the 2026 World Cup where our Tagaroos will be striving for continued success,” Buettner said.

Big thank you to our Australian team medic, Graeme Wallace who went above and beyond to ensure our players were fit and able to take the field every day.

Thank you to all Sponsors – individual and team – for your support of our Australian Tagaroos. 

Livestream games are still available to watch on Youtube.

2023 Big 4 International Tag Series Coaches Appointed

2023 Big 4 International Tag Series Coaches Appointed

Australian Oztag are pleased to announce the Coaches for the Australian Tagaroos and the Rest of the World Squads, to compete at the 2023 Big 4 International Tag Series.

The Big 4 International Tag Series (ITS), set to be played in March 2023, will provide Under 16’s and 18’s Boys and Girls the opportunity to represent their country on the International stage.

The other 2 teams competing at the Big 4 ITS will be teams representing the Indigenous and Lebanese communities.

Australian Oztag (AO) would like to congratulate the following coaches on their appointments and wish them all the very best with the selection process.

The Australian Tagaroos Coaches:

Boys 16’s

Head Coach        Michele Reaney

Asst Coach          Amy Spence

Girls 16’s

Head Coach        Ben Ellis

Asst Coach          Cindy Brookfield

Boys 18’s

Head Coach        Peter Roberts

Asst Coach          Brendan Martin

Girls 18’s             

Head Coach        Adam Carlisle

Asst. Coach         Tim Bailey

The Rest of the World Coaches:

Rest of the World Team Coordinator

Luke Bickhoff

Boys 16’s

Head Coach        Shaun Cox

Asst Coach          Adam Barrett

Girls 16’s

Head Coach        Nick Cash

Asst Coach          TBC

Boys 18’s

Head Coach        Jason Havenaar

Asst Coach          Greg Michell

Girls 18’s             

Head Coach        Jen Joshua

Asst. Coach         Kaila Afungia

Teams will be selected from the upcoming Junior National Championships which will be held in Coffs Harbour from the 14th – 16th October.

Players competing in the 14’s and 15’s age divisions will be selected for the Under 16’s and those in the 16’s and 17’s divisions will be selected for the Under 18’s. 

AO National Director of Coaching and Development, Michael Buettner touched on the significance of coaching at such a level.

“There is no doubt that their jobs won’t be made easy with the quality of players who are eligible for these teams,”

“But it is always an honour to represent your country and for these coaches to be given this opportunity is something they will cherish,” he said.

Dates and a venue for the Big 4 International Tag Series is yet to be finalised.

2023 ITF Tag World Cup Announcement

2023 ITF Tag World Cup Announcement

Australian Oztag have announced the official dates and selection policy for the 2023 ITF Tag World Cup in Limerick, Ireland.

Following the success of the International Tag Series in August, the Oztag community are now shifting their focus to the 2023 Tag World Cup (TWC), to be played in Limerick, Ireland.

The highly anticipated tournament will be the first time since the 2018 World Cup, that players from across the globe have the opportunity to come together and compete at an international level.

As advised by the International Tag Federation (ITF), Australian Oztag (AO) are pleased to announce the official dates, tournament venue and divisions for the 2023 TWC.

2023 ITF Tag World Cup Information

Dates: Wednesday 2nd August – Saturday 5th August, 2023

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Tournament Venue: University of Limerick

Divisions (13):

  • Mens, Womens and Mixed Under 21’s
  • Mens, Womens and Mixed Opens
  • Mens and Womens 30’s and 40’s
  • Mixed Seniors
  • Mens 50’s
  • Mens 60’s

AO have also released their official Selection Policy relative to the upcoming Senior Australian Championships in November. It is recommended that all players read the policy if they wish to be considered for selection.  

AO National Director of Coaching and Development, Michael Buettner said there is certainly a sense of anticipation and excitement for next year’s TWC in Ireland.

“There is no greater honour than to represent your country and to be apart of the first Tag World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere will definitely be something special for those players who get the opportunity,” he said.

With the 2022 Australian Championships being the basis for World Cup selection, AO have no doubt that it will be one of the strongest and most competitive displays of Oztag in years.

“Players are preparing themselves for an all-out assault at the National Championships in November, where teams for all 13 divisions will be selected,” Buettner said.  

The Oztag community can look forward to an exciting 12-months ahead, as we itch closer to departing the shores of Australia and travelling half way around the world to compete in a World Cup.

“Once in Ireland, the aim is to make the whole experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and hopefully one that all players and officials will never forget,” Buettner said.

2022 Tagaroos Captains and Ambassadors Announced

2022 Tagaroos Captains and Ambassadors Announced

Australian Oztag are pleased to announce the 2022 Tagaroos Captains and Ambassadors for the upcoming International Tag Series in August.

In two weeks’ time, players from around the country will be getting ready to take the field and represent their heritage at the 2022 International Tag Series (ITS) in Coffs Harbour.

Australian Oztag (AO) have today announced the Tagaroos Captains, Vice Captains and Ambassadors for the upcoming ITS tournament – set to be played from August 5-7, 2022.

This achievement is one of prestige and we sincerely congratulate the following Australian Representatives on their appointment.


Justin Brown – Men’s 40s

Renee Fleming – Women’s 30s


Steve Plowman – Senior Mixed

Angela Jones – Women’s 40s


Wayne Williamson – Senior Mixed Asst Coach & Men’s 60s Coach

Karen Breaden – Women’s 40s Coach


Cameron Keene – Boys 18s

Ella Carlisle – Girls 18s

AO National Director of Coaching and Development, Michael Buettner emphasised the merit behind this accolade and has no doubt that those selected will lead Australia with pride.

“Anytime you get to represent your country is a huge honour, but to be selected as a captain or ambassador really heightens the entire experience,” Buettner said.

“Having spoken to each and every one of these deserving individuals, they were truly humbled by the chance to lead the Tagaroos squad at the upcoming ITS tournament,” he said.

And the 2022 Captains, Justin Brown and Renee Fleming were exactly that – humbled by the opportunity.

 “I’m very honoured and proud to be named captain, to represent your country at any sport is a huge honour – especially Oztag which has been such a massive part of my life both in sporting and social environments,” Brown said.

“It’s an absolute honour to be named captain and honestly came as a huge surprise to me… To be recognised in such an amazing way means a lot in the sport I love,” Fleming said.

The upcoming ITS tournament will mark the return of international competition after a long three years, due to COVID and subsequent travel restrictions.

Hence, in addition to leading their country, the pair are both looking forward to the elite nature of the tournament.

“I’m looking forward to competing and wearing the green and gold again, which I’ve always been proud to do,” Brown said.

“I can’t wait to compete at the highest level again and playing alongside friends I’ve made through the sport,” Fleming said.

ITF Announce World-First Event for their Sport

ITF Announce World-First Event for their Sport

The International Tag Federation recently announced the inception of an International Tag Series to be played across three countries in 2022.

In July, the International Tag Federation (ITF) announced the second postponement of the 2021 Tag World Cup (TWC) to be held in Limerick, Ireland 2022.

However, the ITF assured nations that the postponed Tag World Cup will still be hosted by the University of Limerick and the Irish Tag Rugby Association in August, 2023.

To ensure the International players who were selected for the 2021 TWC still have the opportunity to represent their country, the ITF developed a unique event that takes COVID-19 travel restrictions into account whilst giving players international competition.

ITF Chairman, Stuart McConnell was pleased to announce the 2022 International Tag series and the three areas of the world that will host the events.

“The ITF is extremely excited to unveil the tournament and the logo that will be on proud display in Europe, Australia and New Zealand at the same time that the postponed Tag World Cup would have been played,” McConnell said.

AO General Manager and ITF Board member, Bill Harrigan, who proposed the event to the committee, said the series will grant all players the long-awaited opportunity to represent their country.

“We just don’t know when overseas travel will open up so this tournament will allow all our international players the opportunity to represent their heritage countries safely within Australia, New Zealand & Ireland,” Harrigan said.

“All the players who were selected for the original TWC 2021 will finally get the opportunity to wear their jersey and play,” he said.

The ITF ensured that eligible heritage nations will receive an invitation to this tournament in the coming weeks.

Event dates for the 2022 International Tag Series:

Europe – University of Limerick, Ireland 5th – 7th August 2022

Australia – Coffs Harbour 5th – 7th August 2022

New Zealand – Auckland, Bruce Pullman Park, 11th – 13th November 2022

Please contact Stuart McConnell for any queries.